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On average, dogs live until 12 years old, cats until 17 and rabbits until 10.

However, all these species can live beyond these averages for many years!  As our pets age, their needs change and we may need to adapt their lifestyle to suit them.  But how to spot when your pet is showing signs of ageing?


  • Behavioural changes are common. These include signs of ‘slowing down’, less playfulness or keenness to exercise and even aggression.
  • Loss of hearing and eyesight are common. You may notice aggression when approached unexpectedly or less responsiveness to commands.
  • Unexplained weight loss may indicate underlying health problems.
  • Dental disease progresses with age. You may notice smelly breath, changes when your pet eats or a brown discoloration to their teeth.
  • If your dog is exercising less or your cat is using a scratch post less, you may notice their nails need trimming more often!


If you notice any of the above changes in your pet, it is important to get a health check with a vet.  These symptoms could simply be due to age but some may be indicative of medical conditions common with older age.


At Orchard Vet, we offer specific senior pet consultations which automatically include a blood pressure check and urine test to help identify any underlying issues (further tests maybe advised if appropriate).  Let us help your pet’s transition in to the more distinguished stage of their life.


If you would like further advice or would like to make an appointment please contact us on 01458 832972 referring to ‘Senior Pet Consult’ which usually takes approx. 30 minutes and costs £50.