For repeat medication requests, please order at least 24 hours in advance by emailing us at or by telephoning 01458 832972. You will be requested to pay prior to collection.

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Our experienced veterinary nurse team offers a range of informative clinics, the majority of which are complimentary. During these clinics our aim is to support both owners and pets with all aspects of their pet’s care and hopefully help them become more confident within the practice.

*If you would like to find out more or book in a complimentary clinic with one of the nurses please contact us on 01458 832972.

puppy-and-kitten Puppy & Kitten

Included with every puppy and kitten package is a complimentary nurse clinic to discuss topics such as behaviour, training, nutrition, parasite control and neutering before being seen by the vet for your pet’s primary vaccination. If your new addition has already had their full course of vaccinations you can book in for a nurse puppy / kitten clinic for a nose to tail check so we can not only get introduced but also weight them and work out which flea and worm protocol is best for them at such an important stage of their growth. Our Health Plan has many benefits for puppies and kittens so why not have a look and see how you can save money.

ovg-weight Weight Management

Orchard Vets are proud to be recognised as an Approved Weight Management Centre providing expert advice on nutrition and weight management for your pet.

If your pet is overweight or underweight you can be referred to one of our specially trained nurses to discuss the best feeding regime, and exercise requirements. They will come up with a tailored plan to help your pet shed the pounds or vice versa.

During these clinics we discuss your pet’s current diet, demonstrate how to body condition score, calculate target weights and come up with a plan on how to reach those targets in a controlled way. This will keep your pet at the correct weight, avoiding obesity which can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes.

senior-pets Senior pets

Our senior pet clinics allow our nurses to meet with you and discuss your pet’s lifestyle and monitor parameters like their weight and blood pressure on a regular basis. We will also discuss the older patient’s dietary requirements and dental care.

tick-on-dog Claw clips, Anal gland expression & tick removal

Our nurses are very experienced in things that you may find tricky at home! These clinics have a small fee however if you sign up to our Health Plan you get two claw clips and one anal gland expression annually included in your plan.

rabbit-friendly Rabbit clinics

If you are confused about what to feed your rabbit or have any general husbandry concerns then our rabbit clinics are ideal for you. We cover all aspects of rabbit care including, feeding, vaccinating, oral care, parasite control, bedding and neutering. Did you know we are a recognised rabbit friendly practice!

oral-care Oral Care

Our Oral care nurses pride themselves on improving canine and feline dental health. These clinics are a great way of picking up early signs of gingivitis and dental disease so we can either implement a prevention plan to reduce further deterioration or arrange relevant treatment.

Our nurses will advise on effective dental home care including diets, chews, toys and will also demonstrate tooth brushing

dog-scratching Flea & Worm

With such a variety of flea and worm products out there these days it can be confusing coming up with a treatment plan for your pet. Our nurses are great when it comes to helping you choose a product which best suits you and your pet’s lifestyle.