Our staff are on hand for you and your pets at this difficult time however our opening hours have temporarily changed. We are currently open MONDAY to FRIDAY 8am to 6pm and SATURDAYS 9am to 1pm and we continue to provide 24/7 emergency care. To maintain social distance requirements, please be aware things are taking longer than usual which means the number of appointments are restricted. We appreciate your patience at this time.

Please DO NOT turn up at the practice unannounced, you MUST phone first and DO NOT COME TO THE SURGERY IF YOU ARE DEMONSTRATING CLINICAL SIGNS OF COVID-19!

We thank you for your patience.

At Orchard Vets we have a simple philosophy – your pets are our priority. We understand that they are one of the family and you can expect the highest level of care and compassion; in sickness and in health.

What’s included in our health plans?

  • Annual Boosters
  • Annual Parasite Control (Dogs & Cats)
  • Season Flystrike (Rabbits)
  • Health Check Every Six Months

Plus extra benefits

  • 25% Discount On Kennel Cough Vaccinations (Dogs Only)
  • 10% Discount On Other Selected Services & Products

Puppies and kittens get an incredible deal because to start with you benefit from 58% discount on primary vaccinations (puppy package) (kitten package) costing you as little as £29 for the initial course! You automatically get 10% discount on neutering, pet food, shop items & rabies vaccinations, 25% discount on kennel cough vaccines and 50% discount on puppy classes. Puppies also benefit from a free identity chip, if not already done by breeder.

Adult and senior pets benefit too, and you can get your pet’s booster discounted by up to 45% if you become a member on the day of their booster. Subsequent years are then included along with 6 monthly clinical exams, by a veterinary surgeon allowing close monitoring of any existing conditions and the ability to identify any new ailments at an early stage. If your dog is prone to anal glands needing to be emptied regularly a complimentary nurse appointment is also included, per annum. Two free claw clips (by nurse) are included annually for cats and dogs as well and also as your pet gets older, they are more likely to require services such as internal lab tests so these are discounted too.