COVID UPDATE – If mutually agreeable, subject to face coverings being worn, no clinical signs of COVID, consultations will be carried out inside the building.  In order to maintain social distance we have a maximum occupancy level policy and thank you for your patience whilst waiting. We kindly request only one member of the family attends and where possible aim to get for us at the correct time for your appointment to avoid ongoing delays. Click here for our updated COVID POLICY as from 19th July.

For repeat medication requests, please order at least 24 hours in advance by emailing us at or by telephoning 01458 832972. You will be requested to pay prior to collection.  Our hours of opening can be found here

We have some very exciting news! There is a brand-new rabbit vaccine that we now have in stock. Previously due to product limitations, all bunnies needed to have two vaccinations per year, at least 2 weeks apart, to cover for myxomatosis, RHD1 and RHD2. The new vaccine only requires one annual vaccination and protects against all 3 diseases! We are very excited about this new product and the impact it will have reducing stress on our rabbit patients. There is no complicated protocol to switch over to this new vaccine; it is compatible with our previous vaccines, so the switch will just be made at your next appointment.

Those of you on our Rabbit Health Plan will continue to have your included six-month complimentary health check, but your bunnies just won’t need an injection at that visit!

The vaccine can be given from 5 weeks of age but we recommend postponing their first vaccination, if possible, until 7 weeks old. This is to make sure their immunity is not reduced by protective factors in their mother’s milk.

If you would like to get your rabbit’s vaccines up to date or speak to us for further advice on this topic, give us a call on 01458 832972.