Following on from the Prime Minister’s announcement on 21/2/2022 and so that we can continue to provide the essential services required for our clients and patients, we respectfully request that you continue to wear face coverings when you visit the practice.   Due to the size of our consultation rooms we will continue to restrict occupancy levels in those areas.  Thank you for your understanding.

For repeat medication requests, please order at least 24 hours in advance by emailing us at or by telephoning 01458 832972. You will be requested to pay prior to collection.

Our current opening times can be found here


  • Check all farm staff are healthy and not experiencing any signs of Covid-19 and will adhere to social distancing.
  • Check whether there are vulnerable people present on the farm.
  • If a client is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or is high-risk, ensure that they are not present during the visit (consider sending two members of the practice team if assistance will be required) and communicate digitally.


  • Wear clean, disinfected protective clothing.
  • Wear gloves, change these regularly and do not touch your face.
  • OBSERVE SOCIAL DISTANCING: Stand at least 2m (a cow length) away at all times.
  • Where face to face interaction is inevitable then this should only be with ONE person per visit. If the client is required to assist in handling or restraint, then ensure that they also wear clean gloves.
  • Where social distancing would normally not be possible for a procedure then consider all options of reducing the risk. Safeguarding human health is the priority.
  • Do not enter the farmhouse or any other residential area and do not accept any drinks or food.
  • Before leaving the farm ensure that you disinfect any areas that you may have touched/come into contact with and could act as a fomite in the event you are infected with Covid-19 but not yet displaying symptoms.
  • Fully disinfect all PPE and equipment at the end of the visit and wash your hands thoroughly


  • Work from home and only visit practice to collect medicines, sterilise equipment, drop off samples and dispense medicines.
  • Equipment should not be shared between vets. If it is absolutely necessary, then it should be thoroughly disinfected before and after handover.
  • Keep all vehicles clean, tidy and regularly disinfect all surfaces which are touched regularly (steering wheel, door handles etc).

Disclaimer: This factsheet is based on available advice as on 25.03.2020. Please continue to check official Government and RCVS guidelines:

Download a PDF Version here.