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Most of us think about extra calories we’ve consumed around this time of year and we may be thinking about our pets’ weights too. Orchard Vets is an Approved Weight Management Centre for pets and our staff have undergone specific training in order to offer appropriate advice.

Statistics show that 59% of dogs and 39% of cats in the UK are overweight.

Contributing factors to pet obesity include:

  • Gender – females are more prone to weight gain than males
  • Age – older animals have difficulties with movement due to arthritis
  • Neutering – neutered animals require fewer calories

However, the most significant factor is over-feeding when family members give too many treats or don’t weigh out food as per manufacturer’s guidelines.

There are several risks for overweight pets including joint, heart, liver and lung disease, diabetes, and a reduced lifespan of as much as 2 years.

Orchard Vets offer FREE weight clinics with our trained nurse team who will help your pet reach their goal.  Advice can be given at the practice or over the telephone, so give us a call on 01458 832972 to arrange an appointment.

Attend a clinic between 1st January and 31st Janury and you’ll be automatically entered into a competition to win one month’s supply of FREE Weight Management pet food.