COVID UPDATE – If mutually agreeable, subject to face coverings being worn, no clinical signs of COVID, consultations will be carried out inside the building.  In order to maintain social distance we have a maximum occupancy level policy and thank you for your patience whilst waiting. We kindly request only one member of the family attends and where possible aim to get for us at the correct time for your appointment to avoid ongoing delays.

For repeat medication requests, please order at least 24 hours in advance by emailing us at or by telephoning 01458 832972. You will be requested to pay prior to collection.

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The DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan

Orchard Vets helped design, maintain, update and run the AHDB Mastitis Control Plan. You may have seen articles in the farming press advocating the AHDB Mastitis Control Plan, but did you know that it was the expertise here at Orchard Vets that helped design, maintain, update and run it? We’ve successfully implemented the plan on many of our own farms, and act as consultants in other parts of the UK with significant positive results. We’re also one of the driving forces behind teaching the DMCP to other vets and farm consultants around the country.

The ‘Total Vet’ computer software

Our farm specialists played a major role in designing, testing and developing the ‘Total Vet’ computer software that is rapidly becoming the most popular tool for dairy farm health and production data analysis amongst vets. The collation and analysis of dairy herd data has formed the cornerstone of our farm services since computer technology first made it possible. We were one of the earliest ‘DAISY’ practices and still offer a bureau service to our own clients and other herds in the area. The collection of fertility, mastitis and lameness data and the production of reports and action lists is the key to helping our clients make the right management decisions on the farm.

Helping to keep research relevant to you and your stock

Orchard Vets has strong links with the veterinary schools at the Universities of Bristol and Nottingham, and also with the milk quality laboratory Quality Milk Management Services (QMMS).

In collaboration with these institutions, we carry out research projects in the Orchard herds, including the original trials that brought Orbeseal and Rimadyl to the market. We benefit from the latest word from the academics, and they benefit from our knowledge of what is happening on real farms with real cows. This keeps research relevant for those who really matter – you and your stock.